About Ruby Me

RubyMe is a mentorship program that matches seasoned Rubyists with early-career developers to explore mutual growth, learning, and teaching opportunities. These mentoring pairs are paid to work on open source projects and focus on specific areas mentees want to improve in, from documentation and design to testing, security, or general development. RubyMe is a project of Ruby Together, designed and planned by Coraline Ada Ehmke.

The Program

Applications are reviewed and approved by Ruby Together.

Once paired, the program lasts for three months. RubyMe will provide mentoring pairs tools for video chat and collaboration, as well as access to the dedicated RubyMe Slack community. Mentoring pairs will arrange to meet throughout the course of the month. Each individual will be compensated at the rate of USD$75 an hour for up to a maximum of 8 paid hours per month.


Want to talk to us? Have ideas for projects our pairs can work on? Interested in helping? Send us an email.